September 27, 2022
Understanding Cattle Supplements

Every cattle farmer is concerned about the health of their herd. This is because large herds tend to face more threats. In particular, cattle are highly susceptible to diseases that result from an improper diet. Therefore, many farmers have turned to cattle supplements. These offer many benefits to farmers with beef and dairy cows. Their primary role is to improve the health of the herd. This raises the value of the cattle. Here is some more information about supplements and how they are beneficial.

Basic Information About Supplements

Feed supplements are different ingredients that farmers can add to standard feeds. Different ingredients can be added to improve gain rates, production efficiency, and disease prevention. These have become especially popular among large scale beef and dairy farmers. This is because the benefits all lead to higher-value cattle and more money for farmers. Additionally, they are easy to purchase, store, and add to feed. Many supplements are available as pellets. These can be mixed with standard cattle pellets.

When They Are Beneficial

Most farmers want to ensure their cows are getting proper nutrition. In general, beef cattle will require 2% of its body weight in feed a day. Dairy cows eat more than 3% of their body weight a day. However, ensuring they get this amount in high-quality food can be tricky. This is because cows can be picky about what they eat and may dislike certain nutritional feeds. In this case, supplements are a great idea. Supplements are often flavored, making meals tastier, and cows will be more inclined to eat their food.

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Aside from this, different age groups could demand that farmers use supplements. For instance, younger cows may require protein supplements, and older ones may need energy-boosting nutrients. Additionally, mineral supplements are a good idea for maturing beef cattle. They need something that is going to give them high levels of calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, selenium, and vitamins A, D, and E. Giving cattle the right supplement for their age ensures they are more productive and raises their value, especially if farmers are trying to use a standard feed for each age group.

If farmers are looking to ensure that their cows get the proper amount of food and nutrients, they should consider adding supplements. They can also improve the health and value of a herd. Supplements come in simple pellets and are easy to mix with standard feed to ensure that cows get the right nutrients.