How To Transform Your Look With Glasses?

How To Transform Your Look With Glasses?


Changing your look every once in a while. While some do it for fun, some folks aim for a fresh start with a fresh look. But, the cost of getting a makeover can be too much for some people. If you also feel the same, your problem is now resolved. You don’t have to spend much on expensive accessories and refilling your wardrobe. Just buy a pair of glasses and see the magic happen.

Even if you don’t need them for vision, glasses can have a significant impact on your personality and fashion sense. With so many styles and colours in fashion glasses, both men and women are wearing them to get a style upgrade.

Everybody has a different fashion sense, likes and dislikes. Whether you want a different look for a special occasion or you feel that you need a break from your regular look, the right pair of glasses can do everything.

Go for coloured frames

Neutral glasses are good for day-to-day events. People favour them as they are versatile and team well with every outfit. But, nothing can give you that different look you were wishing for than colourful frames.

We know that matching these glasses with your attire would be challenging but, we’ve got a handy tip for you. Just see which is the most prominent colour in your wardrobe and shop for that same hue in glasses. In case you want to go for more than 1 pair of glasses (which we always recommend), there are so many cheap glasses online in both prescription and nonprescription that don’t lack quality.

If you want to make your ‘geek to glam’ journey with just a single pair of spectacles, always go for statement frames. They will give an edge to your personality and will make you look super stylish.

A girly look for a date night

If only we were not judged for our fashion choices, women would’ve loved to spend their lives in sweat pants and crop tops. But that look won’t work on most occasions. How about a date night? While a masculine style is apt for your tomboy image, you can’t show up to a date in your trainers and t-shirts.

Such delicate occasions need you to flaunt your softer side and feminine appeal which you can get with soft tones or pastel shades. Although pink is the most common colour that many women favour to get a girly look, you can also go for peach, burgundy and purple.

When buying glasses, also keep the frame style in mind. Cat-eye glasses is the most sought after eyewear remedy when seeking a womanly appeal.

Sophisticated frame styles for formal events

If you want to change your appearance for an upcoming formal event, you need glasses that exude sophistication and professionalism. While your regular round glasses, they are better suited for a millennial generation.

For women, cat-eye glasses will look every bit professional and sophisticated. For men, you are better off with the classic frame styles while sporting a formal attire. You can choose to go for rectangular frames that make you look mature and more serious.

For those who find neutral colours too boring, a pair of tortoiseshell glasses will give you that fine businessman-like appeal. Also, tortoiseshell glasses are both glam and chic so you will be making a fashion statement without coming across as unprofessional or novice.

Glasses for a low profile look

Attention is good, but it can be quite overwhelming to have all eyes on you. In case you want to go incognito or keep social interaction to the minimum, a pair of rimless glasses will get the job done.

As these glasses are frameless, they won’t attract attention. Also, rimless glasses are almost invisible from afar so you can pair them with any outfit. If you already wear spectacles that are colourful or have unique designs and patterns, you might want to switch to frameless spectacles and dodge the public attention.

Transparent frame is another style that is both simple and fashionable. So if you want a soft look that brings attention towards your beautiful facial features, this style is the best.

The takeaway

If you thought that glasses only help you with vision, you are wrong. There are so many frame styles and shapes to give you a unique look every day. Also, you won’t run out of money even if you buy more than 1 pair. Just slip on a pair and give your outfits a breath of freshness.