June 26, 2022
Factors to Consider when Choosing an Italian Translator

In a globalized world, translation services are important. It’s not just a business that may need translation services. Individuals may need legal documents translated or authors may want books translated to reach a larger global audience. The clientele for the translation business is growing. If you are looking for Italian document translation services, there are some things to strongly consider.

Keep Culture in Mind

You can hire a translator from anywhere in the world but it can also pay to hire a native translator. If you want Italian document translation services then hiring a native Italian linguist can benefit you in many ways. Native translators will have a better understanding of the way of life and culture and how this plays into what you need to be translated.


Command of the language is certainly important but it’s also a good idea if the translator knows the domain they are working on. A translator who can translate a book may still not be the right choice for a legal document. You should review expertise in detail and, even if you have worked with that translator in the past, make sure they have the expertise for the current documents.

Turnaround Time

Timing can be the difference between average performance and success. You should pay attention to the turnaround time that is promised. You want to work with someone who can adhere to a strict deadline, especially if time is important for your needs. Adhering to a strict deadline shows professionalism and shows the translator has the resources to deal with a project of your needs. Agencies that don’t agree with strict deadlines may use freelancers or other contractors and may not have as much control over the quality of the translation.


While this may not always be the most important factor, it should be something you consider. There are plenty of people that could lure you in with a price that seems too good to be true. If it does seem too good to be true then you will likely be disappointed with the services. Translators that charge you the highest may be charging you more than they should. Be sure to research average costs for the documents you need translating so you are not taken advantage of.


If you don’t already understand the language that you need your documents translated to then you can struggle to evaluate whether or not the translator is doing great work by just looking at content produced for others. This means you should look for a firm that gives you detailed testimonials from past clients. Look for a translator that has case studies and references on request so that you can accurately judge if it’s the right fit for your document needs.

Customer Service

Look for a service that makes it easy to communicate with you. Avoid a company that just wants to take your document and provide a translated version without any ongoing discussion. The company should be able to communicate with you in plain English.