June 26, 2022
Honor Band 5

We all live in a world of technology where it seems like life is apparently not possible without it. Mobile phones have made things a lot easier since they are easy to carry but when it comes to something even simpler but with almost the same functions, Honor presents its very own Honor Band 5. It is not only convenient for anyone to carry but also has the basic functions that any person would need. Here is a small overview of what it’s like:

Basic Features

Honor band 5 has a lot of features which are as follows:

1.Large Amoled Touch Display

Honor Band 5 has a large amoled touch display that allows people to have a better experience with the touch so they can use it smoothly without any hindrance or any issue.

2.Continous Heart Rate Tracking
It provides a 24/7 heart rate monitor Since it uses AI-driven algorithms for highest precision and IR technology  making it the perfect device for measuring continuous heart rate to ensure your fitness.

3.Fitness Modes

As per honor, it has 10 different fitness modes which includes;

  • outdoor running
  • indoor running
  • outdoor walking
  • indoor walking
  • outdoor cycling
  • indoor cycling
  • swimming
  • free training
  • rowing machine
  • elliptical machine

It also has a sleep monitor and helps you detect your sleep quality.

4.Battery Life

The best part about Honor Band 5 is it’s 14 days long lasting battery life. It can last up to 6 days with a heart rate monitor and some other features turned on. What’s even better is that it can be charged up to 30 percent in just half an hour using the laptop’s USB port and requires only one and half an hour to get charged completely.

5.Water Resistance

You can wear it during showers and in the pool since it is water resistant up to 50M with the technology of six axis-sensors to recognize four main strokes namely freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

6.Phone Finder Function

Lost your phone? Why worry when you have Honor Band 5 since it can trace down your phone right away. What’s better is that it can also preview your messages, remind you, take selfies and you can listen to music as well.


Honor Band 5

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It comes in three exciting beautiful colors that look decent yet fashionable which are:

  • Meteorite black
  • Midnight navy
  • Coral pink

Honor Band 5 is what you need since it is fit for any occasion that is home, office or gym. You can find fresh and stylish clock faces for any occasion you wish to attend. It is like a personal trainer on your wrist since it offers an advanced running planner, provides personalized recommendation and most importantly gives data such as heart rates, work out time, distances, speed and calories etc. Go get your very own Honor Band 5 today.

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