Cold Weather

A Guide to Eight Useful Cold Weather Packing Tips

Consider the situation: you are about to head off on a winter holiday. Perhaps it’s a once-in-a-lifetime voyage to see the Northern Lights or it may be a long-wanted ski break. You have all of your cold weather gear packed and are prepared to head off. The gloves, scarves and coats are all there, but the size of your suitcase may not be suitable.

We fully understand the challenge of working with a small suitcase. It seems you do not have enough room for the bulky winter clothing regardless of how long you spend squashing down the items. Fortunately, with a few life hacks you can remain both stylish and warm (without going over the luggage limit).

1. Choose Thermals to Stay Warm

While thermal clothing may be considered something like your grandmother’s underwear, they deserve a better image. Thermal underwear is an ideal way of staying warm without the need for bulky winter clothes. Wearing this type of clothing, you can also opt for light tops and tights without freezing. This is ideal if you are heading to a stylish spa or visiting a cosmopolitan town like Stockholm.

2. Bulk Up on the Aeroplane

If you are heading off on an icy adventure, then you have to wear big boots with a large winter coat. However, this doesn’t mean you need to use all of your luggage space. It is recommended that you wear the heaviest clothing on the plane, so you don’t need to try and cram them into the luggage space. Moreover, wearing larger clothing can protect you from any cold air conditioning on the flight.

3. Roll Your Clothing

A tried-and-tested method to provide tons of additional room in your suitcase is the rolling method. Instead of folding the clothing, you should roll the items before packing. This helps to minimise empty gaps in the case, as well as reducing the level of creasing.

4. Always Wear Sunscreen When Going Out

While sun protection is hardly a priority for winter holidays, it is recommended for certain trips. If you are heading to a snowy location it is crucial you use sunscreen – unless you want to look like Rudolph on your holiday. It is particularly beneficial if you are skiing where long days on the slopes can cause serious sunburn.

5. Layer Up and Pack Lightly

It is highly tempting to opt for your largest clothing items when packing a cold-weather suitcase. Yet, it can be more beneficial to bring many lighter items than single large clothing. You can still create a cosy and warm feeling by layering your clothes, and you will have more mix-and-match options.

6. Limit the Clothing Colour Palettes

If you want to remain stylish during a winter break, it is recommended that you opt for black clothing. By choosing dark or neutral colours, it is much easier to form a stylish outfit with minimal clothing items. For example, a pair of black jeans can be worn with almost any colour. Furthermore, a black coat can complement any outfit.

7. Opt for a Pair of Boots

Believe it or not, you do not need various heavy shoes on a winter break – they only take up packing space. Unless you are planning to head off on rough terrain, it can be useful to bring one pair of boots suited to day and night activities. Of course, if your destination is a more “outdoorsy” location, such as Iceland, it is recommended that you pack a pair of sturdy boots. Remember, large shoes and boots can act as good places to store rolled up underwear or socks.

8. Choose the Correct Accessories

Accessories are often put to one side when packing for a holiday; however, they can be the difference between a plain and stylish outfit. For example, wool-lined ladies’ driving gloves and touchscreen tips allow you to access the GetYourGuide app without removing the clothing item. Colourful scarves and statement pieces are a simple method of making the same outfit appear different.

Hampton Inn & Suites Fruitland

Hampton Inn & Suites Fruitland, MD

At A Glance:

Make yourself at home at the 2.5-star Hampton Inn & Suites Fruitland. Its location puts you at the center of the city and close to local attractions like the Poplar Hill Mansion. During your stay, hang loose in the chic lounge bar after a swim in the indoor pool. Refresh inside homey rooms complete with ironing facilities, complimentary wired and wireless internet access and safes. These rooms also offer video-game consoles, wide-screen cable televisions and coffeemakers

Reserve your hotel room at Hampton Inn & Suites Fruitland with

You Should Know:

  • Modern lounge bar offering a wide selection of drinks
  • Business center fax, print and copy services
  • Soothing indoor swimming pool and spa tub
  • Complimentary wireless internet access in public areas and in all rooms
  • Complimentary newspapers and parking
  • 24-hour front desk offering tour and ticket assistance
  • Complimentary breakfast served each morning


In and Around:

  • Tour the beautiful campus of Salisbury University
  • Hang loose along Wicomico Youth and Civic Center
  • Have fun along Salisbury Zoo
  • Admire beautiful and unique works of art at the Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art
  • Pass by the Pemberton Historical Park
  • Practice your swing at the Nutter’s Crossing Golf Club
  • Watch fun games at the Arthur W. Perdue Stadium



What Aircon Brands Are Available In Singapore

Air Conditioners are an essential aspect of living in Singapore. Proximity to the sea makes Singapore a tropical country with hot and humid weather. The aircon market in Singapore is booming, and there are many type of aircon brands available in the market. Aircons are expensive and long-lasting products. It is necessary, therefore, that you must buy the best as per your requirement and budget. Here’s a list of the best aircon brands available in Singapore.

  1. Mitsubishi Electric: Mitsubishi aircon is a popular and widely known aircon brand in Singapore. This Japanese brand is known for its reliability and consistency. It is the top choice for HDBs in Singapore. Mitsubishi offers residential and commercial solutions.

Mitsubishi has established a strong position in the Singapore market with its Starmex series of wall-mounted air conditioners.

Image result for Aircon

Starmex series comes in two different varieties –

Single Split Inverter Aircon – These units have one condenser paired with an evaporator. Available in different cooling capacities, this is ideal for homes looking for a single unit.

Multi Split Inverter Aircon – This is for large homes and offices – One condenser can be paired with multiple indoor units (evaporators).

The Starmex multi-split is designated as System-N, where N is the number of indoor units supported by the condenser. So, for small homes, system-2, which two indoor units may suffice. Large mansions, on the other hand, may require up to system-5, which has five indoor units paired to a single evaporator.

Mitsubishi aircons are priced on the higher side, but each dollar is justified. They have a long life, high energy efficiency, top-notch quality, reliability, and very quiet operation. Do you know difference between inverter and non-inverter aircon?

  1. Daikin: The Japanese have a flair for perfection. Daikin aircon is available not only in Singapore. Daikin is present across 150 countries. Daikin has its core competency in the inverter, heat pump, and refrigerant control system of the aircon. In Singapore, both residential and commercial solutions are available.

Daikin’s smile series of multi-split inverter aircons is a 5-tick high-efficiency series. Available up to a capacity of five indoor units for one condenser, this series can cater to the varied requirement. The smile series is a set of smart aircons and can be controlled through mobile phones.

Ducted air conditioners and cassette aircons are also available in the Singaporean market. Housing development boards have a variety of options to choose from Daikin’s wide range of aircons.

  1. Panasonic: Again, one of the crème-de-la-crème manufacturers of air conditioners and other home appliances, Panasonic has a reputation for fine quality and reliability. For home use, Panasonic in Singapore has individual units – single inverter aircon, or multiple units connected to one condenser. They have system-2, system-3, and system-4 configurations available.

One of the remarkable features of Panasonic’s aircons is the nanoe-G system where the indoor unit releases negative ions. They bind with the harmful ions in the air and circulate highly purified air.

  1. Europace: This is a domestic brand with more than 25 years of expertise in manufacturing aircons and other home appliances. Europace has the usual configuration of aircons – system-2, system-3, and system-4.

Europace offers a range of portable aircons that can serve a different set of customers. People who do not require a permanent aircon in one place may opt for these. They have effective in cooling and cost both. You could get one for as little as $1200.

The company is domestic, yet from its very inception, it has been using imported, high-quality parts.

  1. Midea: This company has entered Singapore later than the stalwarts like Mitsubishi and Panasonic. Midea aircons offer supreme value for money. Their aircons can be purchased for as low as $650.

At such a price point, you may want to raise a question about the quality. Midea’s quality is satisfactory given the price point they’re offering aircons.

Other Brands

There are many other brands of air conditioners available in Singapore. LG aircon and Fujitsu being two notable names. Both of these companies offer good quality and a wide range to choose from. They cater to both residential and business segments. You can buy split, ducted, or cassette air conditioners as per requirement.

Installation And Service

It is important to know quality aircon service providers for maintenance and installation. MCL Air-conditioning is one of the best in Singapore for all services about aircons. They install, service, and repair air conditioners. MCL’s staff is well-trained for a thorough and professional job. They are available across Singapore. When you buy your new aircon, do give them a call for installation. MCL is reliable aircon service company in Singapore.

Ways On How You Can Train Your Dog

Huzzah! What happens next? Both you and your best friend will be very be happy together if he is properly trained. These guidelines offer helpful insight into the art and science of training your pet.

Specific feeding habits should be established for your dog. He has to know when the food will arrive and it should be on schedule, but he also needs to know when the food will be removed again. Before long, your dog will learn to eat more quickly and efficiently.

Dogs need a well fitting collar and lead if they are to be properly trained. Don’t choose these items because they are cute or because they have rhinestones on them. Choose your dog’s collar and lead based on the service you desire from them. Ask yourself if a halter might be more appropriate for your particular dog. Do they need a long lead or would a shorter one be better? Make the right choices, and your dog will benefit.

Listening to your dog is one of the most important steps of training your dog. If your dog is uncomfortable or scared, then you aren’t going to get the result that you are looking for. Respect their needs and the process will go a lot smoother.

When training your dog for specific commands, be sure to use the exact same wording during everyday life as you do during training sessions. If you select “down” for “lie down”, use “down” every time you want the dog to lie down. Changing up the terminology can confuse your dog and interfere with training.

Try to schedule each training session at roughly the same time each day. You want your dog to get into a pattern where he know’s it’s coming and is excited for it. If your dog is excited for it he’s much more likely to succeed, just as if humans are excited for something they’re more likely to succeed.

Have a good treat ready for your dog when it completes something that you ask. The treat helps your dog to know that you think he has done well. This is a great way to make certain the dog grasps what is right and what is wrong.

Never use human shampoo on a dog. While it may be tempting to have your dog smelling like your favorite shampoo, most hair products for humans are far too harsh for a dog’s sensitive skin. If you are in a pinch and must use a human shampoo, try to use one formulated to be gentle enough for a baby.

Being a proactive pet owner is the first step in training your pooch. An owner who anticipates troublesome situations for their dog, and works to keep him away from those situations whenever possible, will have a better behaved animal. Extensive training will not be as necessary if you get to know your dog so you can anticipate his actions.

Your dog should know how to “sit” like he knows the back of his paw! The “sit” command is useful for a multitude of reasons, and is a behavior that can be built upon. Use a “sit” gesture that is intuitive for his body – in other words, he should always be looking up at your hand, which will help him sit instinctively.

If your dog is bored, try making him work for his meals. There are toys and puzzles for dogs that require the dog to discern between scents. There are toys that make the dog think creatively to get food out of a chamber. Either way you go, your dog will have his scavenging instincts fulfilled!

Both the dog and owner are happier when the dog is well-trained. These tips can give you the info you will need to get on the right track to train your dog.