What Makes Dubai One of the Most Eco-Friendly Places In The World?

What Makes Dubai One of the Most Eco-Friendly Places In The World?

Global warming is one of the biggest threats to the inhabitants of this planet in the 21st century. Industrialization and deforestation have caused the world a lot of its crucial resources. The quality of air and water in mega countries is being impacted by pollutants to a great extent. It is no secret that industrial activities in big metro political cities like Dubai are the key contributors to global warming, causing residents of the city to confront multiple health hazards. Diseases like lung cancer, asthma, and breathing problems are on the rise, all thanks to transport smoke and industrial waste.  Therefore, many people are trying to look for places as far from the bustling urbanity as possible, where places like Madinat Jumeirah living comes to mind. Realizing this issue, the authorities in Dubai have essentialized a set of requirements for new residencies, in order to ensure more comfortable and healthy living. Consequently, landlords of Dubai are now coming up with ways to reduce greenhouse emissions by constructing eco-friendly properties for the residents of this picturesque city. Listed below are few of many eco-friendly places with a villa for sale in Dubai.

City Sustainable    

Just as the name suggests, the Sustainable City is filled with well-equipped villas that have been installed with brilliant energy-efficient appliances. However, what earns Sustainable City great admiration around the world is its car-free policy and over 11 bio-domes that sparsely spread strategically in the city, making both the residents and the tourists relish the healthy atmosphere. Moreover, this phenomenal district hosts more than a couple of thousand trees that constantly filter the air to remove the toxic elements from the atmosphere. According to recent studies, the Sustainable City has successfully reduced the consumption of carbon fuel by more than half for its inhabitants, making this location an ideal home for nature-enthusiasts. A sustainable lifestyle demands environmentally friendly living standards, and this place can offer it all to you!

Al Barai

Al Barai is a haven for nature lovers, for everywhere you will turn, you would find yourself surrounded by a pristine waterfall, shimmering lakes and glittering streams. This place feels like it is just out of a fairytale book. This mesmerizing place is filled with lush greeneries, giving this place an aura purity. Even breathing feels different once you start living here. Away from the smoke-filled, and impure air, you will experience what it’s like to breathe in quality air.  The experience of this place is further accentuated by a number of themed gardens and clubs.  The villas at Al Barai are placed in a fashion to resemble a leaf, as this strategy is considered to be helpful to reduce water consumption. In addition to everything aforementioned, the homes at Al Barari are also equipped with solar panels, to make each house self-sustainable and to overall lower the temperature of the area. Out of the many green restaurants at this district, The Farm is the most renowned of all as it has received an award for treating its customers with a great range of healthy and mouth-watering food along with an extremely tranquil ambience. To further make the experience of the people living here more invigorating, Al Barari has many great spas.

Hillside Luxury Villa

Hillside Luxury villa is another eco-friendly landmark in Dubai that stands proudly before the critics who saw the green projects as improbable and impractical. Installed with everything from solar panels on the roof and thermal insulation in windows and walls, this place collects lots of thermal energy every day and converts it into electricity and stores to normalize the temperature of homes during cold biting winters of Dubai. This approach to energy consumption is the future of modern living!

Although getting a place to live within eco-friendly districts of Dubai is recommended for everyone, it is no secret that many people would choose the ease of commercial areas and other luxurious places like Emaar Beachfront. Thereby, looking up for a villa for rent in Dubai in the vicinity of these places cannot be more stressed. Reach out to one of these wonderful places to experience elite living without affecting the environment of our Planet. It is high time we take responsibility for keeping our beautiful countries safe to live in without worrying about any type of health hazards.