June 30, 2022
5 Tips For Work-At-Home Moms

During the time when your kids have break from kindergarten and school, it is worth thinking about what to play at home to spend this time cheerfully, wisely and avoid the threat of boredom. Here we are presenting 5 ideas on how to organize your child’s time. Just remember that you don’t need much to have a great time at home with your children.

Coloring Pages

Did you like coloring pages as a child? Who didn’t. Painting cheerful pictures is an inseparable element of childhood and a perfect occupation for any time of the day and for any weather. Have you ever wondered what, apart from having fun, give our children coloring pages? They not only teach children how to distinguish colors. The child learns art techniques and the rules for composing colors. You may find plenty of these on the internet. Including Frozen, Shopkins, LOL Surprise and any other popular cartoon characters.


This game is one of the simplest, oldest and the ones that doesn’t require any gadgets. Actually you will need a sheet of paper and a pen. There are many variation of this game.
Drawn charades where a kid must present the password graphically and can’t say anything while drawing. Shown charades where the kid must provide a guessed password using facial expressions and body language but he can’t speak at the same time. Spoken charades where the child presents the password in words. However, he cannot use any of the words that appear in the password.
To make it  easier for children you may say that after drawing the password, the kid can choose how he wants to present it.

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Policeman And Thieves

This game is terrific because it requires from children to play roles so it’s a little acting class. Firstly let’s prepare a disguise for a policeman. On the cap stick a paper band with the sign Police. From the jar caps you can make police badges From a cardboard a pair of guns. The handcuffs can be made of paper and a radio station from a plasticine box. A disguise for a thief is much easier to make because you may cover the face with a scarf and just give them a sack where the kids can drop stolen items. It’s time to start the pursuit.

Obstacle Course

Almost every child would love an obstacle course! To do it use what you have at home. You may create a  track that consists of several stages. If you want to make a competition between two kids use a stopwatch, it will definitely be more interesting. How to make it? You shall spread six folded towels on the carpet. The task is to run in such a way that the feet shall be put only on these towels. You might as well use scraps of materials, cards, mascots whatever your imagination suggests and where you can stand your foot on. The other option for a track is to create a climbing wall from a sacco pouf. If you do not have it you can spread the pillows and duvet and cover them with a blanket.

Treasure Hunters

Nothing motivates more than solving tasks and puzzles to get to the treasure covered in mystery. You can draw your own map and add some special tasks, such as: do 10 squats, spin 3 times, jump 7 times up etc., or keep a few cards with hints such as “check under the bed”, ” search behind the sofa “,” look in the fridge “etc. for the child to finally find the treasure. And what will be the treasure depends only on you!