5 Best Beaches you should visit in the Silver Coast in Portugal

5 Best Beaches you should visit in the Silver Coast in Portugal

So, you have made up your mind that you are going to Portugal for your next vacation, but you do not know where to go. Well, one of the most beautiful places to visit on the western shoreline of Portugal is Silver Coast. Costa da Prata is also known as the Silver Coast because of the color of the water when the sun shines on the water. There are several beaches that you can visit here, and we will be explaining about the best 5 of them.

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The 5 Best Beaches in Silver Coast:

The following are the best 5 beaches that you must visit in Silver Coast

Paredes da Vitória Beach

It is a huge sandy beach that can be your favorite picnic destination. While there are a lot of beach activities like surfing you can always enjoy the amazing views of the place. You can always find a volleyball game going on and there are some local bars as well.

Salir do Porto Beach

If you are looking for some fun time for the kids, then there could be no beach better than this one. It has a bit of warm water along with a mega dune where kids can play and enjoy the place. Apart from that, the looks of buildings in the background make amazing scenery.

Vale Furado Beach

When the tide is low it can be a place to enjoy the Silver Coast. While high tides shrink the beach the low tides can make it an amazing beach to visit with its beautiful cliffs. The cherry on the top of the cake is the small waterfall from the top of the cliffs that not only lets you play in it but also makes a great background for your vacation pictures.

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Foz do Arelho Beach

Here you can come for all sorts of watersports. It is a huge beach so finding the spot for your family or group will not be an issue. visiting it in the summer season will be even fun with more interesting watersports.

São Martinho do Porto Beach

A huge beach around the bay where you can not only enjoy the sand, but it can be a unique experience with its sailing opportunities. The beach has a lot of local shops, bars, restaurants, and a lot more. The best part is that this beach is live for the whole year with several traditional events going on.


If you want to make your trip to Portugal then visiting the Silver Coast is a must and here we were discussing the best beaches that you can visit here. Make sure to compare and get the car hire services to make your trip even more fun.