12 Things That Steal The Beauty Of Your Skin

12 Things That Steal The Beauty Of Your Skin

The beauty and health of the skin are in our hands. By taking care of our face and body, we can stay beautiful for a longer period. But sometimes the usual things we do every day have a bad effect on the condition of the cover. What prevents us from preserving youth? Let’s figure it out.

Things That Spoil Your Skin

Below are some things that we love, but they harm our skin badly.

1. Drinking Lots of Coffee

Many people cannot imagine their life without coffee. The morning begins for them only when a cup of their favorite drink warms their hands. Meanwhile, caffeine is one of the main culprits for dry skin and early wrinkles.

This substance triggers the processes of skin dehydration and premature aging. To stop its negative effect, you need to drink clean and cool water. You can add citrus juices to it – lemon, orange, lime, or mint leaves to enhance the aroma.

2. Hot Tub

Unlike a cool shower, a hot bath perfectly relaxes, unravels your thoughts, and replenishes your energy reserves. But resorting to it too often is bad for the skin. Steam rising above the surface of the water damages the upper layer of the skin.

This can lead to increased dryness and sensitivity of the skin to external factors, as well as flaking. You can minimize the risks by lowering the temperature of the water and lubricating the skin with a moisturizer after bath procedures.

3. Frequent Consumption of Alcohol

Excessive and frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages causes persistent dehydration of the skin, and due to it, wrinkles break faster and deeper. Thus, for better skin, you need to give up alcohol consumption.

You can try doing it at home, but if you get unsuccessful, you can seek help from rehab. If you are worried about the expense, relax. You can use your insurance to pay for rehab services, so contact your insurance company and get more details about it today.

4. Skipping Breakfast, Lunch, Or Dinner

Skipping any of the three meals is bad for your skin. The person looks tired; his energy charge tends to zero. You need healthy food not only to feel vigorous and active but also to nourish the cells of the cover with useful substances. Try to consume more antioxidant foods as these are fighters for youthful skin. These are rich in vitamins A, E, C, and group B.

5. Heavy Makeup

Dense makeup, which takes lots of makeup, can help create a beautiful image. But in the long term, it has a bad effect on the condition of the skin. It disrupts skin respiration, clogs pores, and increases the risk of acne. Try to take off your makeup as soon as you get home and spend most of your time without it at least 2 days a week (possibly on weekends).

6. Wearing Waterproof Lipsticks

When a woman wears waterproof lipstick on a daily basis, it can damage the skin of the lips. As a result, lips become dry, and if left untreated, cracks and wounds appear. Nutritional balms from top cosmetic brands such as LAFace skincare that contain petroleum jelly, glycerin, vitamins A, and dimethicone can help in this case. It is good to use them as a preventive measure in cold and hot weather.

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7. Frequent Eyebrow Shaping

The popular beauty treatment for shaping eyebrows can also be a source of trouble. If it is carried out incorrectly, the skin gets damaged, and in the future, the hairs may partially stop their growth. To prevent this from happening, before the procedure, treat the tweezers with an antibacterial napkin.

This will prevent the spread of infection and then prepare the skin. Covering your brows with a hot towel will open up the pores before adjusting the arches. Be sure to soothe your skin with lotion or cream to complete the procedure.

8. Hair Cosmetics

Thermal hair protection products and styling products are important conditions for long-term styling. But few people know that these cosmetics have a bad effect on the skin of the face. It often contains alcohol, silicones, and potentially harmful chemicals.

Therefore, when fixing the hairstyle, it is imperative to cover your face and avoid touching the styled hair to the skin. And if you head straight to the gym after work, wear a sports bandage or pull your hair up.

9. Love For Salty Food

An excess of salt in the diet is an alarming symptom, according to doctors. After all, this product often contributes to the occurrence of edema and can also draw moisture from skin cells. Limit your intake of white powder and invest in a good moisturizer to prevent negative effects.

10. Weight Swing

Rapid weight gain or weight loss is a serious blow to the body, depriving it of the ability to adapt. Losing weight often leads to side effects such as the appearance of stretch marks and scars on the skin. In order for the skin to shrink after losing weight, it is necessary to reduce weight gradually – by 0.5-2 kg per week. You can apply the same condition to consistent weight gain.

11. Minimal Physical Activity

If your reflection in the mirror looks tired and your complexion is dull, like in a black and white movie, exercise can help. The flow of blood during physical activity gives the face a healthy glow when the body gets saturated with oxygen. During the activity, dead cells get removed along with sweat, giving the green light to new and young cells. This is why people who play sports always look younger.

12. Stress

Constant stress is the culprit of poor health, loss of strength, acne, increased dryness, and the premature appearance of wrinkles. Sometimes it is impossible to avoid them; therefore, it is important to know how to manage them. Walking in the fresh air, talking with loved ones, relaxing in a cafe, or just watching a good movie on your favorite couch will help reduce anxiety and relieve stress.

These twelve things can really damage your skin and steal its glow. Thus, you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle and give up harmful habits so that you can enjoy radiant skin!