What Are Some Creative Ways to Wrap Potted Plants and Flowers?

What Are Some Creative Ways to Wrap Potted Plants and Flowers?

Grab some fabric or paper to beautify your indoor. When potted plants and flowers have already been beautiful on their own, you can still improve their level of beauty. One of the best methods is by creatively decorating them with accessories.

Whether you want to display the plants and flowers on your space or give them as a gift for someone special, there is always the right way to wrap them. In some cases, you don’t even spend any pennies to do so.

A lot of DIY projects are available to create the best wrap for your potted plants and flowers. In addition to the wrap, you can also add other accessories to decorate your indoor plants. Without further ado, let’s check out the following for some ideas!

The Most Creative Ways to Wrap Your Potted Plants and Flowers

One of the most common yet stylish ways to wrap your potted plants and flowers is by using scrapbooking paper. Simply find folded squares of scrapbooking papers to cover your potted plants. Consider getting ones that come in various patterns and colours for the better.

  • Burlap

For a simple and affordable option, you can consider using burlap to wrap your potted flowers and plants. Burlap is indeed inexpensive and easy to form into a beautiful pot cover. You can personalize the fabric to create bow and ribbon too.

  • Hand-drawn paper

If you think that using patterned scrapbooking papers is pretty common, why not try to draw and personalize the paper yourself? Your indoor plants will look even more exceptional this way. Consider letting your kids join this project for a highly unique hand-drawn wrap.

  • Party crepe paper

For small-size pots, using party crepe paper as a wrapper would be a good choice. You can easily find a roll of party crepe papers on the market and turn them into gorgeous plant wraps. Simply paint the edge of the papers for a better-looking wrap.

  • Colourful socks

Have you ever thought that your unused socks can be used to wrap pots? If your plant and flower pots are pretty tiny, consider taking those unused socks to create such unique wraps. Since they are stretchy, it is easier to form them following the shape of your pots.

Furthermore, a scarf can be employed as wraps too. Dress up your plants or flowers by tying the scarf on the pot. A decorative belt can also be used in the same way. The beautiful pattern and colours of these clothing accessories will make your plants look even more charming.

The Best Ideas to Wrap Potted Plants and Flowers in Burlap

Which technique do you like the most among the above ideas? In case you are interested in using burlap, we have a detailed step-by-step tutorial to make the most of your plant wraps. As mentioned above, it is easy to work with burlap when creating plant wraps.

For the simplest way, you can cut the burlap squares and wrap any potted plants. On the other hand, you can also cut a long piece of burlap to wrap the indoor plants. In this case, get enough pieces to go around and cover the entire surface of the pots.

Furthermore, you can opt for sewing the fabric and create it in the same shape as the pots. After that, take a colourful ribbon to keep the burlap in place. For a more natural look, consider pulling the threads to make loopholes or ruffles.

Then, to decorate the plants, it would be great to add clay plant ornaments too on the pot. You can even make some mini figurines yourself to adorn the plant. Meanwhile, if you want to give it to someone else, consider including a short message too!

How to Find the Best Potted Plants and Flowers

Are you ready to decorate your Potted plants by using such stylish wraps? If you haven’t had any plants or flowers to be adorned, simply visit a nearby traditional florist or browse an online one on the internet for a more convenient option.

You can now find a variety of potted plants and flowers online. In case you need a good recommendation, go for Flower Advisor to get the best-potted flowers or plants. Get them delivered to your address on the same day if needed.

In conclusion, wrapping potted plants and flowers can boost their whole appearance. It makes them even worthier to be displayed around your space. Just make sure to get your beautiful indoor plants and flowers from the best provider like Flower Advisor.