July 1, 2022
Jungian Psychotherapy

Jungian Psychotherapy

Your life can seem incredibly overwhelming at times, and Jungian psychotherapy offers a unique perspective on how to make the most sense out of it and to enjoy it to the fullest. Jungian therapists analyze all sorts of personal and professional issues their clients have, and they identify possible major complexes so that they can help their clients heal creatively and productively. Additionally, it finds ways to create and maintain better relationships.

Your first consultation will help create a positive relationship with the therapist, and this is an important step for healing to happen. Very little progress will be made if you don’t have a good relationship with your therapist.

Clients come to accept the inner truths that their wiser selves know deeply. Dreams often show the gap between our consciousness and these inner truths, and they show the problems of our conscious selves’ attitudes towards those truths.

You may not remember your dreams very often, but you may find that you remember them more often when you go to therapy on a regular basis. If you remember a recent dream you had before you meet with your analyst for the first time, tell them about it because it can help your therapy start off strong.

If you don’t remember your dreams, or you don’t dream very often, Jungian therapy can still be very productive. Dreams are not required for healing to move forward in a good way.

Sessions for Jungian therapy typically happen once a week, although you and your analyst may come to a different scheduling arrangement. Meetings typically happen face-to-face because this promotes a more intimate and therapeutic environment. This, however, can also be adjusted based on what you and your therapist agree is best.

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Jungian therapy is based on the work of Swiss psychiatrist C. J. Jung, who lived between 1875 and 1961. He deeply understood the human psyche, and he held that it is based on a larger unconsciousness that is present in all of humanity. Complexes happen when there are disturbances between how we experience the real world and the expectations of our inner basic human consciousness. The self is critical, and it controls the patterns of inner basic human consciousness.

Jungian psychotherapy provides a unique way to help you solve deep-rooted problems in your life. Reach out to a Jungian therapist when you’re ready to take great strides in your healing. They are available to help you work through many personal and professional issues that can hold you back from reaching your greatest potential.