5 Tried and True Real Estate Marketing Tips to Get More Clients

5 Tried and True Real Estate Marketing Tips to Get More Clients

By all means, getting hold of real estate leads that convert is the ultimate goal of every real estate practitioner. However, what’s actually challenging for real estate agents is to generate these leads even in excellent neighbourhoods. From what we know, it is evident that producing leads with traditional techniques is time-consuming.

Nonetheless, with the modern digital times, this manifesting time can be considerably reduced. Intrigued, right? After all, you get to convert a higher number of probable leads and generate better revenue. It can be made possible by incorporating effective real estate marketing tips while keeping in mind the latest trends in the industry.

Get a pad and note down the five ways to find convertible real estate leads.

1. Create and Promote Yourself-brand

The real estate industry is witnessing the emergence of a trend where interested parties, either buyers or sellers, are actively using search engines. The goal is to associate with established brands and close the best possible deal in the least possible time.

These parties are also willing to engage with individual agents and make the best value for their assets. This scenario creates an opening for real estate agents, whether new or experienced ones, to get their attention and hence, the necessity to establish their own brand.

Let’s understand this better.

Records say that as many as 80% of realtors who generated more than INT 10 Lacs per annum had their own website or a landing page of brokerage sites (or both).

This means that if an agent invests in creating their own website or detailed profile pages, they can establish trust with the potential client even before meeting them in person.

These web pages give you as an agent an upper hand to communicate with your future leads in terms of the quality services you offer. You can tell them what areas of real estate you specialize in, what neighborhoods you can help them reach, and what the real estate market actually offers them for their budget.

2. Incorporate Video Marketing

Understand that today’s clients want you to work for them and fetch the best deal possible. So, if you are to convince your modern-age fellow to invest in a property, they will need a lot more than your word for it. But time is of the essence.

This is when real estate video marketing can help you promote that property and also convince your client to convert that potential purchase. Not just that, you can also use the same video content to reach more people in the shortest time and the easiest possible method.

Undoubtedly, videos are better are conveying details to the viewer than a collection of photos, especially in real estate. By placing video marketing in your client conversion strategy, you show an exact and detailed version of the property to the prospective buyer or seller.

But there’s a lot more with videos. You can also create testimonials from your previous clients, create short tours of the neighborhood, and even your own profile video!

Make sure to maximize the potential and take the assistance of a real estate online video editor. Create an impactful video at once and put it to work to generate countless leads for you.

3. Pay Attention to the Mobile Version

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Since we are discussing the strategies to connect with the client of the digital world, we need to stay updated on the trends. Several studies from Statista reveal that more than 50% of active internet users utilize small screen devices such as mobile phones rather than desktops or laptops.

Due to this high number of on-mobile internet users, businesses such as yours also need to optimize their websites for mobile screens. This is also backed by more studies claiming that up to 60% of potential clients don’t go back to businesses that do not have optimized or poorly designed web pages.

Therefore, you need to stand out in real estate as an agent or business that offers reliable services. The silver lining is that with this emerging trend, there are amazing solutions available. Customizing websites, creating mobile-friendly versions, and real estate marketing can be done efficiently with economical solutions for all real estate professionals.

The bottom line is to employ the optimized and beautiful crafted online presence and generate more and better clients every day.

4. Take Care of the Web Content

When you create your website or even a profile page, it is a mix of images, videos, and text. While we have discussed the impact of the former, let’s not forget that content is the king.

Now that we are into marketing with proven and effective methods beneficial for today’s market, the same applies to content. You need to make sure that the details provided on your page add value and compensate for their time spent on your link.

To achieve this, you need to research and add keywords wherever possible. You need to know what your potential real estate client may need from you and answer as many questions as possible with your online replica.

Assuming you already have attracted a customer, there is a whopping 45% chance they will check out several pages to verify what you offer.

With this, understand that you can have fewer pages on your website but ensure that each of them has a value of its own. This will create an impression that you, as an agent or a business, know what you are into and what they can expect from you.

5. Build Your Email Marketing List

Since these marketing strategies are tried and proven to be effective, a huge chunk of the real estate market is already using them. But that doesn’t stop you from getting convertible clients. You just need to let them know what you provide better and how to connect with you. This is where emails are more powerful than anything.

With email marketing in your conversion plan, you get to approach all current and possible future clients to either invest or sell out their assets. This is why emails are popular among marketing strategies and are here to stay for long.

Creating a presence of your own, both in the online and offline world, is a time-consuming task. But when done with the right approach and tools, there’s no going back. With the trends, technologies, and their increasing impact on potential clients, it is in your best interest to stand out with a client-focused methodology and let your business bloom.