5 Beginner Tips when Caring for Your Bonsai Tree

5 Beginner Tips when Caring for Your Bonsai Tree

Bonsai trees are miniature delights that brighten any spot at home. These short plants have been cultivated by the Japanese since the 14th century. They continue to add zen into any urban home. While bonsai may seem easy to take care of due to their sizes, these beginner care tips will help you grow these miniature trees to be happy and healthy in your home.

Place Them in Well-lit Spots

Your bonsai needs at least four to six hours of sunlight to thrive. Position your bonsai in an area where it can receive sufficient sunlight. Morning sunlight is best as it may be the brightest and not that harsh compared to afternoon sunlight.

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Keep Them Away from Heat and Draft

While sunlight is crucial for your bonsai trees’ growth, it isn’t safe to leave them out under the sun for too long. During the warmer and dryer seasons, take your bonsai out to your balcony or patio and place them where they can receive adequate sunlight. Avoid leaving them outside for too long as the heat may cause them to wilt, dry out, and die. If you live in a sunny and humid spot, you might want to install shade where your bonsai can sunbathe without getting scorched or dried out.

On the other hand, while colder seasons may still provide sunlight for your bonsai, bring them back inside after they get their four to six hours of daylight. Doing so will save your expensive miniature trees from freezing and dying from the drafts and dry cold air.

Water with Care

Unlike many beginner indoor plants, your bonsai trees won’t survive if you won’t water them regularly. After putting them out in the sun, water your bonsai at least once a day. Check if the soil gets too dry. Use a watering can to gently sprinkle water on your bonsai. If you need to use a hose, use an attachment with a gentle setting. You don’t want to damage and drown your bonsai with hard water pressure.

Keep Them Moist

If you store your bonsai indoors and in air-conditioned rooms, their soil might get too dry. Besides watering your mini trees regularly, you may use an air humidifier to keep your air moist. An air humidifier may help your bonsai from drying out. It also saves you the hassle of continually watering your trees and flooding your surfaces.

Fertilize Them

Fertilizing your bonsai helps them grow healthier. Use fertilizers meant for bonsai trees for better results. Due to their small size, use your fertilizer with half of the recommended strength. Apply fertilizer once a month, and at least once a month during colder seasons. If your bonsai trees are inside your house, fertilize them all year round to encourage healthy and glowing growth.

Bonsai trees may be small, but they need a lot of love, sunlight, and care to grow into happy greens. Follow these five beginner-friendly tips and start taking care of your beloved and adorable bonsai trees!